Apple Market Forum

AMF: The Apple Market Forum is coming!

Let’s have a conversation! The Apple Market Forum is a meeting place to discuss Apple’s competitive positioning, unique technology offerings, and delivery of brand promises. The event also presents content that enhances the value of using Apple products – allowing attendees the ability to discover impactful 3rd party products and universally useful tips for making the Apple experience more effective. Apple Market Forum advocates for the user community by sharing informed insight and productive advice that fills in the blanks between marketing hype and real world implementation.

Who Should Attend?

AMF is a conversation for people who work in the Apple ecosystem: enterprise brand champions, IT managers, developers, consultants, Apple industry watchers, trainers, resellers, VARs, and, power users. If you make a living working with Apple technology, you’ll benefit from this event.

For those that have been following Apple for a long time, you’ll be exposed to new ideas and perspectives on emerging technologies and market sectors.

For those relatively new to the Apple marketplace, you’ll hear experienced perspectives on where Apple’s been, why they do what they do, and where industry experts think the market is headed.

What Will Happen at AMF?

Attendees will enjoy 2 days of analysis, vision and insights into the dynamics, tools and technology that are defining the Apple Marketplace. AMF is designed to spark conversations that can be further explored during the conference’s social time with ample opportunity for attendees to commingle with each other and the presenters alike. The program will address:

  • Analysis and commentary on Apple competitive positions
  • Informative assessments of Apple technology implementations
  • Demonstrations of impactful 3rd party tools
  • Productivity: Tech Tips about how best to use common Apple-based tools
  • A few “One More Thing”-style surprises


Apple Market Forum will take place in Silicon Valley, late summer.

Dates and Venue to be announced when registration opens.

Sounds Great! What’s Next?

The first Apple Market Forum will be held in Silicon Valley in August. Capacity will be limited to 350 participants. Get on our priority now list and receive invite privileges for two colleagues.

Come to AMF to learn, think, and meet fellow Apple market influencers and ecosystem members in a comfortable, relaxed, intelligent environment. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how Apple measures up in a variety of sectors, and be better informed to map your – and your clients and constituents – path for success with Apple technologies.

About your hosts

Paul Kent

Paul Kent, is a 30 year veteran of the Apple market. Paul was general manager of Macworld Expo for nearly 2 decades and hosted the reknown Mactivity series of technical conferences. He has produced many of the tech industry’s groundbreaking events including Macworld Expo, QuickTime Live!, MacIT, Interop, InteropDotCom, Mactivity, Mactivity/Web, Mactivity/CEO, Voice on the Net (VON), MoNage, ProgrammableWorld, Search, SOCKSDevCon, and The Mac Networkers Retreat.

Dave Hamilton

Photo of Dave HamiltonIn 1998 Dave Hamilton co-founded The Mac Observer, one of the leading – and now longest-running – daily info sites for the Apple community. Dave is also President and co-founder of BackBeat Media, a publisher service agency representing the advertising and operations activities of many top-tier websites and podcasts, helping them to grow their businesses. Additionally, Dave is the publisher and co-host of The Mac Geek Gab Podcast, launched in 2005 and one of the top Apple podcasts in the market today.